09.29.11Survival Tactics - we need your support!

We have just registered Survival Tactics with crowd funding website Pozible, please check it out!!! We are so close to the finish line and really need your support, peace!

09.06.11Survival Tactics - Hip Hop Feature Film by Morganics

The big news is that "Survival Tactics" is now heading towards final pickup shots in October with a likely release date of mid 2012. For lots more info, blogs, video, photos, downloads, etc, check www.survivaltacticsmovie.com.

All You Mob 3 - for free - is about to be released. It is the third compilation of Hip Hop tracks recorded in indigenous communities all around Australia by Morganics. The first one spawned the now famous "Down River" song by The Wilcannia Mob, which Morganics remixed for MIA's album "Kala". The new album will soon be launched for free download with a facebook page and youtube channel. After a few years of unsuccesfully trying to get funding for the project, the main idea is to get the music back to the communities that it was made in and then out to a broader listening public. Stay tuned for an update.

Morganics continues to travel the country working with diverse communities, recently including Arnhem Land (Northern Territory), The Clare Valley (South Australia), The Australian Museum (Sydney), Darwin and Jabiru (Northern Territory) and high schools around Sydney from Avalon to Liverpool.

12.03.08Two new release on Invisible Forces- "Dirty Curly" and "Beatbox Dub Poetics".

Morganics and Miles Merrill present "Dirty Curly"

Think Shaft meets William S. Burroughs and you get an idea of Miles Merill's alter ego "Curly Jones" the star of the new audio film "Dirty Curly". Morganics cinematic beats and Miles' spoken word combine to create a surreal poetic detective journey. Check the downloads section for a free taste and check Miles' site at www.wordtravels.info
OUT NOW on Invisible Forces through Vitamin - www.vitamin.net.au

Baba Israel and Yako 440 present "Beatbox Dub Poetics"

Ex MetaBass'n'Breath emcee Baba Israel, world class beatboxer, and hip hop didgeridoo player known for his freestyle ability has joined forces with Yako 440- a multi-instrumentalist/ graffiti artist who plays the bass, triggers beats, cuts, and beatboxes with the best of them. Baba Israel and Yako 440’s work as producers can be heard on Akrobatik’s“Absolute Value" (Fatbeats 2007) sharing beat making credits with J Dilla,9th Wonder, and Beatminerz. Check their site at www.openthoughtmusic.com
To view the music video for the killer track Runnin Outta Time go to: www.youtube.com/babaisraelyako
OUT NOW on Invisible Forces through Vitamin - www.vitamin.net.au

06.26.08Subphonik Forces European tour wraps up

Transmitting from Brooklyn, we have just finished the tour. Subphonik Music out of New York, representedby Baba Israel, Yako 440 and Core Rhythm, and myself, Morganics from Invisible Forces just did 12 days in Holland and Prague. We rocked shows, ran Hip Hop Theatre workshops, jammed in clubs, streets, trains, radio stations, Festivals and even a Czeck Hip Hop TV show. Much thanks must go out to Stefan and Evelin in Den Haag and the Czeck Beatbox Allstars for taking good care of us.
Check the gallery section for some photos of the tour.

On our last night we did a show in Den Haag with legendary jazz guitarist Stefan and a bunch of local MCs and beatboxers. The next day I flew to London and had a jam with Seventh Sense reggae crew, wicked sounds, conscious and positive and then I flew to New York where I won the producers beat battle in Brooklyn at a night put on by Subphonik. There was a lot of local MCs, Farbeyond and Rabbi D from Third Party and Dagots representing for the First Nations - great to make that connection.

Next week it's out to LA and San Fran for a few meetings and then I perform an excerpt of my one man Hip Hop Theatre show "Crouching Bboy Hidden Dreadlocks" as part of the Hip Hop Theater Festival in Washington DC. If you can't make it, you can check a promo clip at


I've been hearing that the new clip "Hip Hop Isn't On The Radio"
Feat. SistaNative has been screening on Rage TV and MTV back in Oz which is great, you can see the clip at


Don't forget if you want to preview some tracks or get a copy of my new CD "Hip Hop Is My Passport" that includes a bonus one hour DVD you can go to


Peace, Morganics - June 2008 - Brooklyn

03.13.08Critical Acclaim for "Hip Hop Is My Passport"

"A landmark in Australian Hip Hop" - Music Forum

"When it comes to local Hip Hop, Morganics is the King. He's collaborated with people from Brazil, New York, Tanzania and outback Australia in creating this stunning and diverse album. The result is a sound that is completely unique" The Mercury

"The beats are great; minimal, addictive and funky. Global Hip Hop in every sense of the term" 3D World

"old school brilliance...an essence of Hip Hop...truly unique and inspiring production using original samples and people from all across the globe" OzHipHop.com

"..a melting pot of rhymes, beats and melodies, a step above in funky world music" Sydney Morning Herald

Check clips from the Bonus one hour DVD at
www. youtube. com/morganicsonline

Buy the album/hear tracks at
http://www. vitamin. net. au/pages/album. asp?ai=167&album=Hip_Hop_Is_My_Passport&artist=Morganics

01.03.08Hip Hop Is My Passport OUT NOW

MORGANICS – Hip Hop Is My Passport
Out now on Invisible Forces distributed by Vitamin (www.vitamin.net.au)

International grassroots Hip Hop culture mashup by Australian MC/Producer Morganics (M.I.A, Wayahudi Family, Wilcannia Mob, MetaBass’n’Breath)
From the subways of New York to the Serengetti Plains; recordings from Tanzania, New York, Berlin, Rio, Bali, Japan and outback Aboriginal Australia.

Includes a bonus one hour documentary DVD.

Hip Hop has been Morganics’ passport around Australia - and more recently the world – over the last ten years. From his well known work in Aboriginal Communities around Australia (The Wilcannia Mob), his tours to New York with seminal Australian Hip Hop group MetaBass'n'Breath, up to his recent national tour of Survival Tactics Hip Hop Theatre show selling out the Sydney Opera House, he is indeed “one of Australia’s Hip Hop pioneers" MX magazine, London.

Following on from the critically acclaimed Pata Ladha by Wayahudi Family (INVFOR02) which Morganics produced in Tanzania, Hip Hop Is My Passport is a truly international record.

“There’s tracks from street kids in Tanzania to Aboriginal elders, Bboys in the Swiss alps to a Javanese folk singer over a Miami bass beat. I recorded a Kenyan poet in a ghetto on my digital camera, got bits of a subway cypher I was in on my video camera in New York and mixed it all up. It’s sort of like a mixtape meets a radio documentary." Morganics says

With a track on M.I.A’s new album (Mango Pickle Down River) alongside star international producers Diplo and Timbaland, Morganics now spreads his wings as an old school, new world Hip Hop artist. He produces his own beats on his laptop as he travels, beatboxing, Bboying, freestyling, running workshops, directing Hip Hop theatre shows around the globe.

Partner to the CD is a bonus one hour documentary DVD. Footage from many of the artists involved, whether it be an MC freestyling while cooking chapatis in Tanzania or Morganics sharing the stage in a Hip Hop Theatre show with Ty in Manchester, give a taste of what life must be like if indeed, Hip Hop is your passport.

As well as a dope producer, MC, beatboxer and Hip Hop Theatre artist Morganics “is still holding true to Hip Hop’s original intentions to uphold a social conscience and provide a voice for the disenfranchised and underprivileged" The Age, Melbourne

“It’s the seams, it’s the edges where worlds meet
Old School, New World, can you feel the heat?" Morganics (Track 5, Jungle Funk)

08.31.07Morganics, MIA,The Wayahudi Family and Survival Tactics

The track I did for M.I.A's album is out now on her album Kala - check my myspace blog for more info - www.myspace.com/morganicsmyspace

The beautiful, conscious Hip Hop dancehall album that I produced for ex street kids Wayahudi Family in Tanzania is OUT NOW
You can check the clip we shot in a Maasai village on my myspace site or on youtube at
See photos of my trip to Tanzania in the gallery
Buy it at www.vitamin.net.au

Fingers crossed WizeMad - the main MC from Wayahudi - will be out in Oz doing shows with me in Dec - Jan.

Big ups to all who came out and supported "Survival Tactics" the Hip Hop Theatre Show I directed. The cast did an awesome job,
after great seasons in Melbourne and Brisbane we sold out our season at The Sydney Opera House - check the new pics in the gallery and our myspace site www.myspace.com/survivaltacticsonline

I'm performing at The Vancouver Writers Festival in Oct and will be headed to San Fran, New York, and London from Mid Oct till Nov 8th.

My new album "Hip Hop Is My Passport" recorded in Tanzania, Brazil, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Bali and outback Australia
is getting pressed next week. It includes a bonus one hour documentary DVD that is pretty crazy, so keep an ear out.

Shouts out to all of you doing your thing, hustling, keeping positive, from Switzerland and New York to Africa and Bondi, stay strong, all the best, peace, Morganics

www.morganics.info www.myspace.com/morganicsmyspace

01.31.07Invisible Forces

Hey there people, happy new year. News this time around;

* Rupert Murdoch
* New photos and songs
* Invisible Forces - my production company
* Hip Hop Is My Passport - forthcoming album
* Wayahudi Family - Pata Ladha
* Survival Tactics - Hip Hop Theatre show

I've recently signed up with my good mate Rupert Murdoch, so check me out at www.myspace.com/morganicsmyspace.

Check out the gallery for some photos for photos from Peats Ridge Festival, had a ball there, if you weren' there, you missed out, was a great way to see the New Year in, in the dub shack. Also check some piccies from my recent trip to Papunya, Amata and Ernabella - Aboriginal communities near Alice Springs. I had the honour of recording in the legendary Warumpi Studio with Sammy Butcher, lead guitarist from Warumpi Band. Songs from the trip have been added to the listen section.

From the red centre to the chilly green south, I am in Tasmania now - it's so beautiful - for a Forest Festival to save one of the old growth Festivals here. On Sat I head to Melbourne to be one of the judges in the Australian Hip Hop Championships at Federation Square - they got 3,500 people to it last year apparently, so it should be big.

I have founded my own production company, "Invisible Forces" so all the different projects I get up to can live under one banner.
"Invisible Forces; pushing boundaries, fusing cultures, hijacking satellites" is the tagline.
First cab off the rank for "Invisible Forces" will be my album "Hip Hop Is My Passport" recorded in Tanzania, New York, Brazil, Bali, Japan, Berlin and outback Aboriginal Australia complete with a bonus one hour documentary DVD.
Second will be the release of "Pata Ladha" by Wayahudi Family, ex street kids from Tanzania whose album I produced - check their site www.wayahudi.com and their clip on youtube is at

Third major project for the year will be "Survival Tactics" a Hip Hop Theatre show I am directing and performing in with a killer cast;
SistaNative, Bboy Rely, Wire MC, Maya Jupiter,Morganics and Bboy Jay from Wickid Force on the wheels of steel. The set and costumes will be designed by graff artists DMOTE, Spice One, Jesta, Cruel and others. We will perform at North Melb Town Hall, Brisbane Powerhouse, and The Sydney Opera House Studio in July - Aug with shows in the UK in October. More details as they come to hand.

Drop me a line at myspace so I can add you as a virtual friend, peace, Morganics

11.15.06Morganics Clips on Youtube!

Check it out people, at last I have cracked the code and have uploaded two clips to Youtube. The clip for "Stand" off my latest album "Odyssey" is at

But meanwhile, back in Africa, it is with great pleasure that I urge you to check out the clip for "More G More Fire" by myself featuring Wayahudi Family (www.wayahudi.com). I was in Tanzania last October to produce a whole album for this group of ex street kids, they are awesome and we shot the clip in a Masaai village, so it's crazy. Check www.masaaiwanderings.com for any safaris you might want to plan in the Serengetti Plains

For some piccies of my trip to Tanzania check the photos section, and yes, they are rapping in swahili of course.

10.14.06Bali to the outback - green jungle to the red desert.

Check out the Tanzanian photo gallery I just added.

Transmitting to you good people from a very hot hotel room in Alice Springs, right near the Gap; a huge range of some of the oldest soil on planet earth, home of the Yipperinye (caterpillar) dreaming of the traditional owners. Peace out to all, I have been back in Oz for a week now, I flew direct from Bali to Alice Springs and the next day drove four hours on a dirt road out to Mt Liebig Aboriginal community, where I ran workshops for a week with the local young people, but let's start at the beginning....

The Urbanology Festival in Melbourne went great, the local Yamakasi crew were the highlight for me, Jackie Chan jumping all over the place in posse formation, Wicked Force did a great job of running the Throwdown comp, a huge turnout of local, interstate and international Bboys, Robert Hylton (www.urbanclassicism.com) ran an awesome workshop with local Bboys and Bgirls and then with Billy Bizness put on a very classy show with some great films - I really dug the one with all these elderly citizens getting down with some of Robert Hylton's choreography, longevity is inspiring. I spun a DJ set down at St Jeromes at a great night called Uber Lingua (www.uberlingua.net). Melbourne is such a wicked city for artists of all sorts, caught a bit og the Bamboos, heaps of bboys throwing down to one of the best live rare groove outfits in the world, they were fresh! It goes without saying the graff and stencil art in Melb is off the hook, check the gallery for some pics.

I was in Bali as part of the Ubud Writers Festival (www.ubudwritersfestival.com), and yes, I was the odd one out, I've never put a book out, but by the end of it I was inspired to maybe give it a shot. There was a great collection of some really heavyweight authors, poets, theatre artists and journalists, from ABC's Foreign Correspondent Eric Campbell to Ziauddin Sardar author of "Why the world hates America". I was on a panel with JF Waromi, a deep Papuan poet and a very urbane, funny Singaporean poet Yon Shu. I hosted the Poetry Slam which was a lot of fun and ran with workshops with local Balinese high school students - check the listen section of the wesbite for their one of their songs. I taught at Canggu International Primary School, over 30 nationalities represented, a crazy, fun mix, great kids. I also had the chance to record with Jakartenese singer Thanding, she layed down some ancient Javanese chanting on my next album and we collaborated on a track that sounds like Dan Dut (Indonesian dance band music) meets jungle. But perhaps the highlight was meeting and jamming with a legendary local Wayang Kulik (shadow puppet) ensemble headed by Made. They do a modern type of shadow puppetry they call "Wayang Skateboard" using a live gamelan orchestra with a live band, a massive screen onto which power point operated backdrops are projected and the puppeteers fly around backstage on little skateboards. They do some amazing vocal percussion and I got to jam with them, beatboxing, freestyling and Bboying, it reminded me heaps of a cypher, and I had to be on point as they are such tight musos, was a great experience - see the gallery for some piccies.

Mt Liebig is a Luritj community four hours west of Alice Springs with a population of around 250 people - it's not big. I was out there for five days teaching breaking and recording songs - check the listen section. It's a vast landscape in the oldest part of the world, and it seemed pretty surreal that I spent a hell of a lot of my time in the rec hall staring at my computer screen, but hey we didn't have long and we had work to do. The main musical styles out there are country rock, rock reggae with a strong ska element and gospel, all sung in their language Luritj, which is very similar to Pitjanjarra, so I understood a few words here and there. It was long days but we recorded six songs, three witht the fellas, two with the women and a crazy one with some little fellas yelling "Ska!" over a boom bap beat. Thanks to Sarah for being a great guide and Incite Arts for getting me out here. Still got two weeks of workshops to go here in Alice Springs, if you know anyone who might be up for it get them to drop me a line. Stay strong, until the next update, peace, Morganics

09.10.06Back in Oz! Urbanology Festival in Melbourne

Hey there, performing my one man Hip Hop Theatre show "Crouching Bboy Hidden Dreadlocks" in Melbourne this Fri Sep 15 and Sat Sep 16, check www.daybreakfilms.com.au/urbanology/ for a dope promo video for the Urbanology Festival. It's going to be a fresh combo of the Throwdown Bboy comp, Le Parkour, that crazy French free running stuff, Jackie Chan style, a Bboy choreographer called Robert Hylton from the UK, a little film festival and myself, so if you are around come down and check it out!

Been rehearsing in Townsville with Splinter Dance Group in the show "Roadkill" sort of like David Lynch mixed with a bit of beatbox in the outback, it's coming along really well, we perform it in Australia, Berlin and London next year.

Been working on my next album, "Hip Hop is my Passport" in Sydney, finishing off details for Wayahudi Family's album "Pata Ladha" - which is just so awesome, a combo of Hip Hop, dancehall and dub Hop all in Swahili with a beautiful message, trust me, you are going to love it, check them out at www.wayahudi.com. I will be doing my best to upload the clip for their album real soon, we shot it in a Masaai village in Tanzania last year when I was over there producing their album. Check the gallery for some photos.

Also been working with awesome Chicago born performance poet Miles Merrill on a collaborative album "Spoken word you can dance to", my beats, his spoken word, he just did a killer season at the Sydney Opera House and sounds like a mix of William S Burroughs and The Black Panthers, his site www.wordtravels.com.au will be up in a couple of weeks.

Next week I head to Bali for the Ubud Writers Festival www.ubudwritersfestival.com I will be performing, talking on panel discussions and running workshops with some local kids. Looks like I will be shooting out to Jakarta as well for some workshops and then its off to Alice Springs to work at Mt Leibig Community with the indigenous kids, talk about a change of scenery, but I am really looking forward to it, when you spend a bit of time in cities like Berlin and New York, it really makes you appreciate the outback that we have down here, not to mention all the fantastic central desert paintings.
Hope all is well in your world, Morganics

07.11.06MCing at he Bundestagarena, the German Parliament.

Well well, Italia won, a bit dissapointing, I think I have to agree with Zidane saying they are more actors than soccer players, but life goes on.

Right now estoy en Espana, en Cadiz, it´s been good to chill out by la playa after Berlin. Check the gallery for photos of a gig I did at the Bundestagarena, a small copy of the German Parliament built for The World Cup. The Greens party held a public conference there about football, nationalism and racism, which was very apt as it is right beside the world of soccer stadium which holds 10,000 people who were watching the German game on the big screen. Meanwhile at the conference there were some really interesting discussions going on about nationalism, identity, a member of a gay football fan club was there talking and there was a black footballer from Leipzig who was talking about his experiences of racism. He got a lot of press in Germany when fans of an opposing team apparently started calling him an ape, so he he replied with a heil hitler sign, then I think some of the fans came onto the pitch and beat him up. So he was talking about his take on all of it, he was very peaceful, a really nice guy. In the middle of all this an Aussie MC, myself, hopped up and did a 15 min set, all in English, except for my Muliti lingual rap in 15 languages. I wasn´t sure how it would go down, but it was one of the longest rounds of applause I have ever had, what a crazy experience. Thanks heaps to German Hip Hop academic, Susanne Stemmler for hooking up the gig.

I hung out and did a series of crazy gigs with Zac Galen aka MC Nietsche, a fantastic jazz guitarist and singer who also MCs a bit. We did a street festival, a great underground gig - literally, in the basement - with a heap of other great musos at a club called Intersoup and a surreal night at a little cafe full of beautiful antique art where the whole crowd was over 50 and Zac and I performed just an acoustic set, guitar, piano, beatbox and freestyling, again to my surprise they were really really into it. Was a nice change to performing at a loud, smoky Hip Hop gigs, like onstage with KRS where Zac and I met. Keep an eye out for a track Zac and I recorded in my hotel room in Berlin called ´Move On´, Zac´s slide guitar and singing are beautiful.

Well I do my solo Hip Hop Theatre show ´Crouching Bboy Hidden Dreadlocks´ this Fri night July 14th at Contact Theatre (www.contact-theatre.org) in Manchester at 8pm so if you or anyone you know are around come on down. Then it´s home to Australia via the surreal Blade runner experience tha is Tokyo. Been working hard on my next album in my little hotel room here and it looks like it should be out around November, with All You Mob 3 as the second disc. Take it easy, peace, Morganics

06.14.06Beatboxing in Berlin with Busy Bee and KRS One

Coming at you from Berlin right now. I survived my two weeks in New York - it was like a rollercoaster without sleep, workshops, directing , performing, riding the subway, cyphering on the subway, it was non stop. Anyways here in Berlin I have been rehearsing with Australian Dance Theatre Company, Splinter Group in their production, `Payphone`. Its three awesome contemporary dancers and me, quite surreal really four Aussies in Berlin making a show about being stranded in the outback. It feels like a bit of David Lynch meets dance and a bit of Hip Hop, we dont perform it till next year, I´ll keep you posted.

Theres heaps of music going on in Berlin, they love their reggae and dancehall here. Saw a Polish and a German dancehall crew, a 12 MC Latino crew, some Favela Funk MCs from Brazil and some MCs from Trinidad all in one night last Sat. Caught KRS One with Busy bee last week too - such an inspiration. I was lucky enough to get up and Bboy for KRS and ended up beatboxing while Busy Bee rhymed, a real honour. Saw Fat Freddys Drop the next night, props to them for making such beautiful music, 1,000 people crammed into hear some divine NZ reggae in Berlin.

Last weekend I headed down to Switzerland to perform at a Zulu Nation organised Summer Jam in a totally picturesque little Swiss village in the alps. Bboys and graff artists came from Italy, Germany, Luxemburg, the standard of Bboying was mad, hung with Crazy from Crazy Force, dope beatbox crew doublebox (check www.doublebox.ch) and heaps of others. I got to perform for 30 mins, not many people spoke English but they really got into it, was a really dope event, put together by Stella. Real skills, lots of enthusiasm, no bullshit, refreshing. Much props to Intruders Crew who hooked up the gig for me, gave me a lift down there, they did a mad show and DJed some sweet breaks for the Bboys. Check the gallery for some photos.

And, oh yeah, I was the only Aussie jumping up and down at Berlin Airport when I caught the last ten minutes of our game against Japan. Fingers crossed. Take it easy, peace, Morganics

05.25.06Morganics in New York

Hey there people,
I am in the big apple right now updating my website at last - bear with me. After four and a half months back in Oz I am back on the road again. Been here for two weeks, performing at schools in 50 Cent's neighbourhood, various jams around town, teaching popping at a bellydance class, getting down at a crazy subway jam (check www.beatboxerent.net ) and directing Baba's one man Hip Hop Theatre show "Boom Bap Meditations" (check www.openthoughtmusic.com). Two weeks in New York can feel like two months and the hardest thing to find in this town seems to be sleep! But props to Kid Lucky, Third Party, Bellyqueen and of course Jaco and Baba Israel for making me feel so welcome. Check the gallery for some pics...next stop, Berlin.