North Sydney

I always say that if you're muslim, you've got to go to Mecca, if you're a Hip Hopper you've got to go to New York. If you're serious about a culture, you're going to want to go to the birthplace of it, to try and see and where it came from. Now most people know that the South Bronx, the Boogie Down Bronx, in the early 70's was the birth place of Hip Hop, but for me, I first came into contact with Hip Hop in my neighbourhood, so for me, Hip Hop started in North Sydney. Up the

Amata (Pitjantjarra lands, Central desert Australia)

The cold, yellow paint is brushed onto my chest first, then the black. It represents the goanna - parenti - dreaming. Wire and I get the same colours. Then Manu starts getting painted up black and white, I ask our teacher, Tjapaya "What do the colours represent?" He looks at me, as if to say, don't you know anything? and says "The magpies" the Aussie rules football team, and walks off. Once us men have been painted up then we return to the group where the women too have been